Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two more sleeps

I'm Kelowna-bound in just two more sleeps! I'm so excited to touch base with my family for a week.
I'll be spending five nights at my sister's house in Kelowna and then I'm hopping on a Greyhound bus to Vancouver to spend two nights with my brother before returning to Jasper by train.

Without a tree in my house or any decorations, I've been finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit. It's also been difficult because I started crafting and preparing so early that I've been done for weeks and have even had my presents in a suitcase for the last few days.

The influx of Christmas cards and treats at work have helped, but I'm still in need of a holiday pick-me-up. I'm hoping I'll get just that when I start my journey to Kelowna, and if not then, when I enter my sister's house and see the tree, decorations and, of course, presents... oh yeah, and my family!

Christmas has been a disjointed holiday for me in the past eight or 10 years. Since moving out of my parents home at the age of 17, I have had Christmas in Kelowna, Kamloops, 100 Mile House, Gold River and Yellowknife, and not one of them included my entire family. 

Last year, I was in Yellowknife. I spent the morning and afternoon with a few friends, making a monstrous brunch and watching movies. Then in the evening I went to Ian's parent's house for dinner.

The year before that, I was in my hometown of Gold River, but I was the only kid to go home, so it was just me and my parents. We had a lovely dinner together, but again, we didn't partake in any other holiday celebrations.

So anyway, I'm excited for this year because at least I'll see both my sister and brother, and I might also get the chance to see my parents for an afternoon while I'm in Vancouver. Having lived all over the country the last few years, I haven't had a ton of opportunities to spend time with my family, so any chance I get, I try to snatch it up. After this visit, I think my next opportunity will in the spring when we try to get the entire family together in Vancouver for a few days. Fingers crossed we can coordinate our schedules to make it work!

Anyway, happy holidays everyone. I hope you are all surrounded by the people you love... and the food that you love!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The apartment photos just keep coming

The living room continued.
Enter the kitchen for some boot soup. Nom nom nom.

If only we had comic books.
Cozy in the bedroom.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I present to you...


That's right, my store is open for business. So far, there are 14 items up for sale and there should be more soon. I actually have two more cozy headbands made, I just have to take the photos. I also have two cute baby headbands with flowers on them, I just don't have a baby to model them. (I'm thinking I'll use a round fruit of some sort. That might be cute, right?)

I have Ian to thank for all of the lovely photos that are already on the site, including my Pickled Yarn header. I also have to thank him for helping me brainstorm a new name. I'm happy that, in the end, I was able to ditch Space Gerbil Accessories. And without Ian, I would never have reached Pickled Yarn. I was tapped out at, "I was thinking I want something with pickle in it."
So anyway, a huge thanks to Ian!

Also, thanks to my friends who encouraged me to open up a shop. Since posting my stuff on Sunday, I've already had a few people favourite my hair clips, so I can only hope that leads to sales.

In other do-it-yourself news, I just got the The Bust DIY Guide to Life in the mail from Amazon, so I'm excited to dive into that to pick out some more projects to tackle during the winter of DIY. One idea I particularly love is the Spice it Up spice rack, which is made out of an old suitcase. You mount it on your wall, so it opens like a door and you put a few shelves inside. It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

The book also has all kinds of great gardening tips that I intend to read before I start my community garden plot in the spring.

So as you can probably tell, I am super pumped on creating and doing things myself right now. It feels so awesome to constantly be accomplishing things without the help of others. (Although, as I've already said, Ian's been a fantastic help in getting my shop together.)

Anyway, I hope everyone is wrapping up all of their Christmas crafts and making them into beautiful packages for their loved ones. I know that's what I've been busy doing. And I'm almost done. All that's left is my Christmas baking, which I hope to do this coming weekend. Fingers crossed I don't burning anything!

Happy holidays everyone.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Etsy. Etsy. Etsy.

A felt flower hair clip ala me!
Breaking news! That is unless you’re my Facebook friend, anyway.
I’m starting an Etsy store. For those of you who don’t know, Etsy is “your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies” online. In other words, it’s the biggest online shopping time-suck since eBay.
As you all know, I've dubbed this the winter of DIY, so I've been crafting up a storm. And because I’m so proud of my many creations, I’ve been posting pictures of them on Facebook and Twitter, which has led to all kinds of positive feedback, including friends asking to purchase my goods.
I thought that was pretty exciting on its own, but when one of my girlfriends asked that I make two hair clips, two magnets and two headbands for her, I realized there might be more to this idea of selling my goods than just targeting my friends.
I was also inspired to dive headfirst into entrepreneurship after meeting an amazing jewelry-artist in Jasper, who sells her goods in a few stores in town. We spent an entire day crafting together last weekend and she told me the money she makes through jewelry sales allows her the luxury of travelling for a month a year.
Cozy wool headband handcrafted by me!
Now that sounds pretty good, right? I mean, I’m crafting anyway, I might as well make some money while I’m doing it. Plus, I’m making more than I could ever use myself.
It’s not like I need 15 different felt flower hair clips. I’m sure I could live with just two or three select colours.
I also don’t need a dozen wool headbands to keep my ears warm this winter. I figure if I make two, one to match each of my jackets, I’ll probably get by just nicely. And the same goes for brooches and purse embellishments. So anyway, I made the decision to start my store on Monday afternoon. That evening,
after work, I went home and crafted for hours to ensure I’ll have
enough items to get myself off to a solid start.
I plan to have the store open this weekend. So far, my largest set back is deciding on a name. It’s such a big commitment. I don’t want to chose the wrong thing, or regret my choice when I think of something better.
Another hair clip. (My favourite.)
I was thinking Space Gerbil Accessories.

I’m kidding.

I didn’t honestly give that an honest thought. Although I still haven’t thought of anything better than that.
So anyway, I have my fingers crossed that inspiration will strike in the next couple of days, allowing me to actually launch before it gets so close to Christmas that people don’t want to order gifts online.
If not, Space Gerbil might just have to do.
Anyone out there have any better ideas? I'd gladly take any suggestions.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sneak preview No. 2

Ian is a sicky this week, so we haven't been able to work on our photoshoot. So instead of making you wait for us to complete the entire thing, which might take awhile, I figured I would give you one more photo to hold you over.

Here we are on the opposite side of our living room. I'm doing the Twist to the music that's not yet playing. You may have also noticed the interesting heads next to the record player. Ian made them. The fellow with the green tongue and horns is Death, the purple dude is Plague, and the red and green guy is War. There is also one more that you can't see: Famine.

UPDATE: Winter of DIY 
I know I haven't posted any DIY projects lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing them. I've been a busy little crafting bee, but most of what I'm making is for Christmas, so I have to keep it a secret.
I do have one thing I can show you, though. I went to a Christmas card making workshop on Tuesday night and in four hours made 15 cards.

This weekend I'm planning to make these adorable felt moccasins. The pattern looks fairly manageable and I'm definitely in need of some cozy slippers to wear around the house.

Love, love, love!