Saturday, May 12, 2012

Simplifying my life

Welcome to the first of what I assume will be many posts dedicated streamlining my day-to-day life.

Now, I have to say, I'm pretty good at this already. I try to do as many little things to make my everyday as simple as possible, but there are always new ways to improve - as I was reminded by Kristin over at As Luck Would Have It.

You see, Kristin has come up with this brilliant and inspiring idea. It's called the Simplicity Project. Basically, her goal is to simplify her life through small changes that will infinitely improve her day-to-day living. But the thing is, she doesn't just want to improve her own life, she wants all of her blogging buddies to simplify theirs as well. So, of course, I've hopped on board the simplicity train and I'm screaming "full steam ahead."

For Kristin, this project is about simplifying her wardrobe, workspace, food, beauty routine and health.

For me, it's about simplifying my downtime. To do that, my plan is to cut down on my interwebs usage. I've decided, in an effort to simplify and de-stressify my life, I'm going to do things that don't revolve around a screen and a keyboard. So instead of coming home from work, eating dinner and spending the rest of the night refreshing my Twitter feed, I'm going to come home, eat dinner and head out into my brand new garden. Or, I'm going to come home, eat dinner and read a book on my patio with a cup of tea. Or, I'm going to come home, eat dinner and then go for a hike or a walk or a bike ride.

Image source.
(Motivating words to keep me on track!)

Basically, my goal is to just going to keep my laptop closed. In order to make this work, I think I need to a) plan after work and weekend activities, b) commit, like REALLY commit, to only two hours of computer time per night, c) use those two hours wisely, so I'm not tempted to go over and d) just live my flippin' life by fully engaging in the three-dimensional world for a change. It's scary, I know. But it just has to be done.

My brain needs it. My body needs it. My soul needs it. And my computer, which is currently suffering from some sort of disease brought on by me being a total technophobe, it needs it too.

So, wish me luck and be sure to check out what all of the other simplifiers are up to. And if you're in need of some simplification, join the project. The more the merrier!

**Proof that I'm trying: I'm spending my first weekend with limited computer time hitting up a bike auction (fingers crossed I find one!), going for a dip in the hot springs, fishing, seeing Fred Eaglesmith perform and, if I have time, tilling my garden. Not a bad first effort, right?


  1. So glad you're on board with the project Nicole! Your goals sound amazing, and i will add that I am way jealous (but the good kind of jealous) of the whole garden/patio/hot springs aspects of your life. Gots to take advantage of those for SURE.

  2. This a fantastic idea! It's scary sometimes at the end of the day when you look back and add up how much time was spent on the computer/phone that I could of been doing something actually productive instead.