Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Special request from a cool dude: men's footwear

I received an email from Ian's dad yesterday requesting that I branch out from my usual girly posts and instead reach out to the other 49 per cent of the population with a post just for the dudes.

"I love your new blog format," he wrote. "I only have one concern: the lack of attention to men's footwear fashions. This leaves 49% of the population wandering the interwebs looking for the inspiration to kick off their joggers, runners, court shoes, work boots, sandals(uggh), cowboy boots, etc., and get cool. I think you could be a real trend setter if you started an occasional article (if that's what you call them in the blogosphere) on men's footwear fashions. I've enclosed a photo of my latest acquisition to get you off on the right foot. Don't tell Ian about the pun."

OK, now ladies and gents, if you're not at this moment swooning over Ian's dad, thinking he is clearly the absolute best, take a look at his new kicks:

About them he wrote, "I've wanted saddle shoes since I first read Archie comics and now, at 65, I've finally got a pair. And blue, too!"

So in honour of Mike and his new Archie-inspired shoes, I've compiled some photos of the most cutting-edge men's footwear currently on the market, beginning with these beauties called Rush Hour Shoes.

Are those not the coolest? I might have to make my own. I have a pair of shoes just crying out for some trees and toy cars.

Oh look! I picked another pair that you can make yourself. I actually think these are really awesome. They were made by the blogger over at The Words of Okat. He used his own feet as inspiration and used acrylic paint to recreate them on his shoes. Too cool. Somehow I don't think they're quite what Mike was looking for, though. So I'll stop there with the silly shoes and move on to some men's shoes that are actually fashionable and available for purchase.
I LOVE boat shoes and I especially love these colourful ones from Timberland's 2012 spring/summer collection. They're a classic with a fun twist.

Now how gorgeous are these Aston Martin driving shoes!? I particularly love the ones on the right. I think it's the red laces with the rich colours that does it for me. They're just a really classy looking shoe. I haven't looked at the price, because I fear what it might be, but considering they're made specifically for driving an Aston Martin, I assume they're ludicrously expensive.

I'm kind of a fairweather fan of Converse shoes. But these ones, well, they're just lovely. I love the distressed look, the laces and the zig-zag stitching. They look less hipster than their usual sneakers. (Although I'm sure the hipsters will take them over in no time.)

Last but not least, I adore these hikers from Veras' 2012 fall/winter collection. I especially like the blue low-top sneaker style hikers.

Well, there you have it, my first-ever fashion post for dudes.

Are there any other guys out there, aside from Mike, who would like me to start a weekly or monthly fashion feature for men? Or are there any ladies out there who want some help dressing their boyfriends/husbands? Let me know!


  1. I bought shoes for Todd in one of those buy-1-get-1 free deals. I had to buy myself a pair and didn't want to feel greedy, so I thought I'd get him a pair too! Turns out, he hates them, they're still in the box - which is still in the original bag. Humph. Next time, two pairs for yours truly instead :)

  2. Those converse/offspring shoes are so kickass! I really like your blog, too. :-)