Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Puddling around town

A puddle right outside our apartment door. How convenient!
Sometimes, even when you have looming deadlines, you just need to have a little fun. And, sometimes, that fun just happens to come in the form of a pair of apple red rain boots.

On Sunday afternoon my girlfriends and I drove to the next town to do some shopping, and while we were there I found said rain boots FOR TWO DOLLARS. I think we can all agree that I win the bargain of the week award with these babies.

A tiny puddle can make such a big splash.
When I got home, I proudly showed them to Ian and said, in jest, that we should head out puddle jumping. I was in part joking because Ian hurt his knee over the weekend, so there would clearly be no jumping for him, and also because how silly would I look running around town jumping in all the puddles. But, then Ian said, "Let's go. I'll grab the camera." So, without much further thought, we hopped in the car, drove around town, stopped every time we saw an amazing puddle, and I jumped and jumped and jumped, whether people were watching or not. Talk about a weird sight for passersby.

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. That's an elk chillin' out in the background like a bro. This is my life, folks. Be jealous!
For this last photo (which is actually one of about 30 amazing ones), Ian actually knocked on someone's car window to ask them to back-up, so they wouldn't be in the shot. Yeah. We take this puddle jumping thing pretty seriously!

As you can see, the adventure was a great success. By the end, my pants were soaked through to my knickers, my boots were full of water and the smile on my face couldn't be kicked.

When was the last time you went puddle jumping?


  1. Oh my goodness these pictures are beyond amazing! Not only because they are fantastic shots but also because you are jumping in puddles which is the funnest thing ever! And the one with the elk in the background, priceless!

  2. HA! Oh my goodness, all of those pictures are straight-up priceless... especially the first one (your face!) and the one with the elk! Hive-five Ian for me for his stellar photography work, and put on some warm, cozy, and DRY socks, would ya? ;)

  3. Ian is my hero right now.

    Even though I think elk are fairly stupid, that is a sweet photo-bomb.

    We haven't melted enough here yet for puddle-jumping, but when we do...IT'S ON!!!

  4. Amazing pictures! looks like so much fun
    I can't believe there's an elk just wondering around, chilling out around town, my British, suburban mind is blown

  5. OMG! I seriously cannot remember the last time I went puddle jumping..I should probably buy some rain boots before that occurs though! These looks like SO much fun.

  6. YEAH! (And, yes, that IS an elk behind me! hahahahahah) SO awesome! Love that you actually had to pour the water out of your boots! :) And, yes, those boots were the best bargain of the month by far!

  7. this is EPIC.. and I rarely use such a trendy word!!!! You guys are a sweet riot of hilarity and amusement. Well done. well done.
    LOVE those boots.. and splashes.. and smiles!
    needle and nest

  8. Its makes me want to jump in puddles too and I am so jealous of where you live it looks amazing.

  9. hahaha I love it!! Totally put a smile on my face. And OMG AN ELK!! I've never seen one in person. But I've eaten plenty! :D

  10. haha! that is so incredibly awesome! I LOVE it! on another note - do elk seriously just wander around that close to you? it's like that moose in northern exposure!

  11. Bwahaha that is amazing! Especially with the elk cameo. Can't even remember the last time I went puddle jumping, though it was probably the last time I actually had a chance to. Adult or not, I still loves me some puddles!

  12. I was puddle jumping not long ago and Joe was so jealous because he doesn't have rubber boots. I didn't do it with quite as much gusto as you but it was fun nonetheless and it made me feel like a kid again!

  13. And look at that deer/elk thinger! Awesome photos :)

  14. These pictures are SO FABULOUS!!!! They put a big ol' smile one my face that was hard to wipe off. I think we're all jealous of your personal photographer too!

  15. Aw, I love the big smile - and awesomely cherry red boots! I also love that there's a random giant critter in the background of one of them.

  16. Replies
    1. an elk, not am elk oi- this is what i get for writing this early

  17. haha, i adore the last picture! i love puddling jumping on days after the snow begins to melt! i adore your red rain boots!

    lindsey louise


  18. These photos make me so happy! You're so sassy, and Ian is an amazing photographer!

  19. The Elk shot is priceless! So jealous ;)