Thursday, October 17, 2013

What to Wear: to the movies

Yes, that's an empty bowl. I sadly couldn't find any snacks to fill it with. But be assured, when I watch movies, there is usually popcorn, or something equally as delicious in said bowl.
Hey ladies! My apologies for the extended absence. Things are little cray-cray up in my world and they'll likely stay that way for another couple of weeks, so please bear with me as I attempt to find what people call "a work/life balance". Currently I am so far from one that I can't even imagine going to a movie. In fact, I was meant to go to one on Tuesday night, but instead I worked a 13 hour day.

Anyway, What to Wear to the movies! Ian's anti-theatre, so I generally watch movies from my uber cozy, sink-right-in couch—hence today's photoshoot location. The outfit, though, is something that I would totally sport to a theatre. I just snagged this leopard print top on a mini shopping spree last weekend. The sudden purging of money was brought on by a gift card from Ian's parents. They were here visiting a couple of weeks ago, right before my birthday—which, by the way, was last Wednesday. (Feeling out of the loop? What can I say, a lot has happened while I've been away. I'm even a full year older!)

The decorations from my birthday shindig still remain hanging. For some reason, I just can't bear to rip them down.

 From head to toe:
Glasses: Firmoo
Necklace: Gift from Ian
Shirt: Bombshell
Tanktop: Ardene
Cardigan: Thrifted
Pants: American Eagle

What would you wear to the movies? Are you someone who throws on yoga pants and figures, 'Who cares, the lights will be off anyway?' or do you get all dolled up? Show us your movie outfit by linking up below, or join us next time, on Oct. 31, when we show off our Halloween costumes.


  1. really cute outfit! I love that necklace! =}

  2. Daaaang, that necklace is AMAZING!! I've been wondering where you've been; life's crazy for sure.

  3. Hello Cutie. It's nice to see your bright shiny face around these parts. I PROMISE I am putting your birthday box in the mail this week! It's been collecting fun goodies for the past month and I've got a couple more things to add and then it's out the door! Happy Super-Extra-Belated Birthday! I hope things settle down for you soon.

  4. love your top!!
    By the way this is a brilliant idea for a post!!

  5. Happy belated birthday, girl! I'm glad you were treated to a shopping spree and you picked a great top! I'm with ya on enjoying movies from my couch. Rarely make it to the theater. Hope things settle down for you!

  6. Looking at your post makes me think I took the prompt a little too literally - especially as someone who couldn't even find anything worth watching in theaters when I took my outfit shots, lol. Your look is great though and that necklace is fantastic!

  7. My man's anti-theater too. I haven't been since The Hobbit last December. I LOVE your picture on top of your couch! Hilarious.

  8. Nice rack... er, antlers girl! ;o) Hope you did end up having a hoot of a birthday - though I'm sure you did with the crowd you hang with! Sorry life is being such a blur for you... you look smashing in your dark 'phase' here... so way to rock that. Hmm.. my movie attire usually involves something with a comfortable waist band.. and large pockets for snacks!! ;o)
    needle and nest

  9. Aw don't you look nice! That couch looks super comfy, also.

    (Sorry for the deleted comment, wrong profile!)