Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 outfits in review

January—What to Wear: karaoke // February—What to Wear: shades of blue // March—What to Wear: floral

April—What to Wear: to work // May—What to Wear: power outfit // June: What We Wore: Ian's birthday

July—What to Wear: wine tasting // August—What to Wear: to a festival // September—What to Wear: to a bookstore

October—What to Wear: to the movies // November—What to Wear: thrifting // December—What to Wear: Christmas dinner

This year was all about glasses! I'm up to six pairs now and I love each and every pair. It's so fun to not only choose an outfit and accessories, but to also choose a pair of glasses to go with each outfit and hairstyle. In the near future, I'll pull together a post showing off each pair. But for now, know that my latest pair—the cateye ones in my December photo—are my absolute favourites. I feel like a sexy librarian when I put them on, especially with a high bun!

Is there one accessory or piece of clothing that sums up 2013 for you? I think if you look closely, you'll notice that as well as glasses, my bright orange cardigan was a staple in my wardrobe this year. You'll catch it in four of my 12 outfits!

I wonder what 2014 will hold for my wardrobe!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Flying drunk

Jasper has these three trees that attract hundreds of cedar waxwings at a time. They fly together from tree to tree, creating a roaring sound of flapping wings as they go by. It's truly a sight to see and earlier this week, as I walked past, I couldn't help but take out my camera and capture a few of these crazy birds as they feasted on fermented berries. It turns out its the fermentation that makes them all crazy like. These birds be drunk, yo!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

What to Wear: Christmas dinner

Merry day-after-Christmas, folks. I hope everyone overindulged and had an amazing food baby at the end of the day yesterday. I know for a fact that I did!!

Ian and I spent the day in a blanket fort, as has become tradition around these parts. Said tradition started last year and is now something we intend to keep around. Ian's not much for holidays, especially Christmas, so a blanket fort is a nice compromise: we get to have a cozy day, tucked away in our own little cave, while day drinking, eating delicious treats and watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000. With such a chill celebration, my Christmas dinner outfit consists of the coziest of cozy outfits.

From top to bottom: 
Glasses: Firmoo (they arrived on Christmas eve!!)
Scarf: Old Navy
Sweater: Walmart
Tights: Ardenes
Socks: Ardenes
Slippers: Gift from Ian's talented sister 

What did you wear for Christmas dinner? Show us your festive outfit by linking up below, or join us next time, on Jan. 9, when we show off our best layered outfits. Happy holidays, friends.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Choo choo! Make room for the gingerbread train

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Lisa and I spent last Saturday afternoon cooped up inside, plastering gingerbread with copious amounts of icing and candy. And as you can see from the above photos, we excelled at both tasks. This wouldn't have been quite so easy had Lisa not brought along an entire candy aisle worth of goodies to put on this bad boy... oh! and did I mention it's a train? Yeah, that's right, a gingerbread train! Who needs a house when you can have a train!!?

By the end, once there wasn't another surface to cover, we were pretty pleased with our creation. So pleased, in fact, that we let him stay in pristine condition for a few good hours before we started tearing him apart.

I finished the last piece a couple of nights ago and now I'm dying to construct another one. How about you make a return trip, Lisa? Goodness knows I couldn't make something this spectacular alone!

Have you ever made a gingerbread house or train? What's your favourite topping?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Life in pictures: the holidays

1. We had a week of between -30C and -40C weather, so my Canada Goose parka made an a few appearances. I had forgotten just how warm that beast of a coat actually is, and I was so grateful to have it for my cold walks to work. If you've never experienced -40C, let me give you some context...
When you walk outside, your nose hair immediately freezes, giving you a weird tingling sensation. In about five minutes, if you have watery eyes like me, your eye lashes will also be frozen and the longer you spend in the cold, the thicker the frost will get. It's definitely the kind of weather you need long johns and goose down for.

2. Ian's work was about to throw out an old Scrabble set because it was missing some letters, but he couldn't have such waste of a perfectly good craft supply, so he brought the letters home and made this little poem(?) that now hangs in our bathroom. I've read it so many times now that I have it memorized.

3. LISA CAME TO VISIT! Guys, I love this girl. She's the best. And she was here for three whole days. We had the best visit, and part of that visit included attending a wine and cheese party at a cute little shop in town. While we were there, Lisa picked up this fierce blazer that makes her look totally amazeballs.

4. If you're not Canadian, these tickets mean NOTHING to you. But if you are Canadian you're probably peeing your pants with jealousy right now. Well, that is if you grew up listening to CBC radio, anyway. That's right! I'm going to see the one and only Stuart McLean, the greatest storyteller on the planet. I'm seriously losing it with excitement!

5. Ian's work Christmas party was on Sunday and there was a photobooth, but no props... so, we snagged this statue out of the coatroom and got a little silly.

6. Fancy that, there was a photobooth (the same one, in fact) at the Christmas party on Friday, as well, so Lisa, Mishelle and I went nuts.. and this time there were plenty of props to choose from.

7. I pulled out my Christmas ornaments and decorations on Sunday, but I don't yet have a tree, so they've been taunting me ever since. Tree hunting will commence this weekend!

8. While out for a walk at Jasper Park Lodge on Sunday, we came across a broken wasps nest. It was pretty neat to feel just how light nests are and to look inside.

9. Lisa and I made an amazing gingerbread train on Saturday. I'll show you more photos of our masterpiece tomorrow. Stay tuned, folks.

So, that's life lately. What's up with all of you?

To follow what's happening in my day to day life, find me on Instagram @GypsyinJasper.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What to Wear: holiday spirit

What says holiday spirit more than an awkward family photo at an awkward town Christmas party?

Truth be told, this is not my family. I do spend enough time with these folks, though, that you might consider them an extended family. These three gems are my work family and this is how we dress for a holiday shindig. I'd like to note that I am the ONLY one wearing colour and I am obviously the only one with any holiday spirit. Although I love my work family, they are far from festive. Mishelle wears black, black and more black.... and Matt and Trevor are boys with limited dress-up wardrobes, so of course they ended up wearing black, as well. I will give Trevor some credit, though, for that green tie. At least it's something, right?

When I'm dressing up for a holiday party or outing, I always try to throw in a festive colour. In this case it's a thrifted bright green cardigan. I love this cardigan. I don't wear it often because it has a bit of a weird shape, with buttons that go way up to your neck, but when I do wear it, I feel bright and cheerful.

From top to bottom:
Necklace: gift from Ian
Dress: Ardenes
Sweater: thrifted
Belt: Reitmans
Tights: Ardenes

What outfit makes you feel festive? Post it. We'd love to see it. Link up with us today, so we can check out how you show your holiday spirit.

If you have another holiday outfit you want to share, we'll be linking up again on Dec. 26 with our Christmas dinner outfits. Hope to see you then!