Friday, January 17, 2014

Warming Winter GIVEAWAY

Friends, it seems I'm back in the swing of this blogging thing—fingers crossed I keep it up—so I thought I would celebrate by holding a giveaway. Up for grabs is a super warm toque handmade by yours truly, fleece wrist warmers—in your choice of leopard or snowflakes—made by Mel of Needle and Nest and a pack of Stacy's Linen and Leaves loose leaf tea samplers. (My favourite is the cinnamon rooibos!)

If these babies don't warm you up this winter, I don't know what will!

So what are you waiting for? Get to the 'copter and warm yourself up with some handcrafted goodies this winter.


  1. I used to hate winter until this year and now I LOVE it! It's not my favorite season but I don't hate it like I used to. I just love wearing boots and big sweaters and of course being cozy!

  2. I feel a little selfish entering this giveaway given that today's high temp here is 70F, but it's always cold in my house and OMG that TEA!

    1. ... I also love winter because it means less people on hiking trails. ;)

  3. I love when you wake up early and all is white and quiet - there's really nothing like that winter quiet.

  4. thanks for hosting with the 'mosting' bud! Good luck to all the entries!
    needle and nest

  5. I would love some delightful tea!! I'm such a tea drinker. And "what I like about winter" would have to be skiing! As much as possible. Then, going into the lodge, sitting by the cozy fire and drinking a warm cup of tea (or hot chocolate with baileys!)

  6. I love it when the bugs go away.

    sloan_gray at yahoo dot com

  7. um, I really don't love winter, haha! let's's really pretty! These things would help keep me warm for sure. :) I guess it makes me appreciate summer all the more.

  8. i am originaly from czech republic where snow and low cold temperature was normal for 5 months,now in NJ with this winter loving it,my kids build igloo in from of the house and we r just enjoying it;-)