Thursday, February 27, 2014

February in photos

1. One night I came home after a LONG day and all I wanted was a creamy bowl of Kraft Dinner. But, as I was making it, I managed to destroy the cheese packet, sending orange powder flying around my kitchen, onto the stove and the floor and all over me. Ian felt the need to document the moment. This is what you get.

2. A couple of weeks ago we went for a road trip to Edmonton specifically to stock up at an Asian grocery store. On our adventure, we discovered Lucky 99, which is basically like an Asian super store! We walked out that place with bags and bags of fish sauce. Score.

3. I finally restocked on soap from The Hive Botanicals this month and I'm just loving the smell of the Wilderness Adventure soap. I leave the shower smelling outdoor fresh. Yum!

4. On Sunday night, while I was chilling out on the couch, my neighbour popped by with dessert: vanilla cupcakes with orange chocolate icing. Omnomnom!

5. While I was in Edmonton, I visited the lovely Lisa and we rocked out to some Papa Don't Preach. I love me some 80s Madonna, like whoa.

6. On treat yo'self day, I hit up the secondhand shop in town and found five new records, including a new Billy Joel album and the best of Bob Dylan 1 and 2!!

7. The month, although mostly sunny and warm, had a few cold snaps that sent me running for my parka and thickest accessories.

8. This mural was on a building across the street from our friend's place in Edmonton. I absolutely love the colours and the cityscape. So beautiful.

How did February treat you?


  1. That sounds like an awesome February minus the cheese packet! That mural is crazy beautiful.

  2. Oh my goodness that first picture and description might be the saddest thing ever. I feel like I probably would have had a full blown meltdown if that happened to me.

    Besides that mishap it seems like you guys have a had a pretty good month! Here's to March being even better!

  3. I'm so sorry for your horrible powdered cheese incident! That is truly sad... on the other hand I'm super stoked I discovered your bloggy! Yipeeeee. Following.