Monday, February 3, 2014

Life in Pictures

1. So Famoso Pizzeria has this Twitter contest going where you put your ID behind a famous painting, take a photo and then tweet it, and Ian decided to take the contest to the next level by creating his own face hole...

2. My girl Katherine came to visit and, of course, while she was here, she was subjected to a year of my life in the form of my 2013 Project Life binder.

3. Ian and I LOVE Vietnamese food, but there is nowhere to get it in Jasper. So, rather than continuing to complain, we decided to make our own. Pictured are our homemade spring rolls, as well as vermaccelli noodles with lettuce, carrots, cucumber, chicken, peanuts and fish sauce. We did good!

4. A couple weekends ago, I found myself wearing inappropriate footwear while trudging through snow to see some fireworks. This led to my friends carrying me to a hard-packed spot in the snow. But, not before they could drop me and leave me stumbling around in laughter.

5. When Ian's not home my go-to meal is always a snack plate. This one was particularly delicious, between the orange and the brie cheese, it was absolutely delightful.

6. Before heading into an event to take photos a couple weeks ago, Ian and I tested out our lighting set up in a hallway in the community hall. I was fortunate enough to be the model and the light stand holder. Let's just say, between my facial expressions and the massive umbrella on a stand, we got some stares.

7. As you already know, Ian makes the most amazing pretzels. Here's more proof.

8. I finally made it up to the ski hill last weekend and lucked out with super warm weather. What a great way to start my ski season.

9. Two weeks ago, I went to see Stuart McLean for a taping of The Vinyl Cafe. It was a night that I'll never forget. He is truly the best storyteller in the world, and he's also a nice guy... and I can say that from experience! I MET HIM! Life made.

So that's what's up with me. What's up with you?

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  1. Snack plates are my go-to meals when Rob isn't here too, so funny. I'm just too lazy to make a full meal.