Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Natural high!

I know, I know. I posted about ice climbing, like, just the other day. BUT! When I posted, I hadn't yet been triumphant. I had only made it 20 of the 30 metres up Tangle Falls. And now, after my latest adventure, I can report that I finally made it to the top. It wasn't easy getting there, no siree. I was a big ol' chicken-shit. I climbed halfway up, yet again, and then freaked myself out and psyched myself out and made myself believe I'd never make it to the top. But, before I could let that become a reality, my pal Melissa—who is uber afraid of heights—powered to the top and she came down beaming with achievement and pride. After seeing that and after receiving a few words of encouragement from her, off I went, straight to the FREAKING top!

Once there, I whipped out my phone for a selfie. But I wasn't quite composed enough to take one, as I was having a wee bit of a mental breakdown at just how high I was. Now, 30 metres might not sound that high, but when you consider that's 100 feet, you might change your tune. Yah. That's high, dude. HIGH!

Luckily for me, our guide for the day—Deryl—happened to climb up at the same time and surprise me at the top. So, as I was hyperventilating, his smiling face appeared and caught me in the act. Not embarrassing at all. Not one little bit. He claims he didn't notice. Isn't he a peach? Anyway, he took the above photo of me and then off I went, back down the falls.

When I reached the bottom, I was equally as triumphant as Melissa and all I wanted to do was hug EVERYONE! Yay. Seriously, it felt amazing to get there.

Two days later, I still feel it. Well, sort of—I feel the pain of the accomplishment. My shoulders scream with aches every time I raise my arms. It's worth it, though. I mean, I CLIMBED A FREAKING WATERFALL!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! This looks amazing, and I am super jealous of all your cool adventures!

    There will be no waterfall climbing this weekend, my friend. Perhaps we can soothe your aching shoulders with a trip to bar or something, where the only heavy thing you'll have to lift is your pint of Apricat. XO

  2. Congrats! You must feel so proud! :)

  3. Omg that is an amazing feat! Good for you!

  4. Oh my gosh you're just the coolest, you know? I love getting to live vicariously through your blog posts! Climbing up a frozen waterfall just sounds so friggin' awesome!