Monday, February 24, 2014

Project Life 2014

Well we're two months into 2014 and already my Project Life binder is a month behind. BUT, that's OK, because I have new and improved approach to this project that will ensure I am always a month behind. You see, I found myself getting discouraged last year because I wasn't able to get my photos printed regularly enough to keep up. So instead of stressing over it, I'm waiting until the end of each month to print all the photos for those spreads. Once they arrive in my mailbox, I spend a few evenings putting all of my spreads together for the month and then I, yet again, wait for the new month to end, so I can repeat the process.
So far this method is working for me and I'm hoping I'll keep it up all year.

Pictured above is my title page. It's still a work in progress, but I'm happy with the start. To finish it off, I plan on filling in a few details on the bottom right once the year is up and I also hope to take an awesome photo of Ian and I to replace the old one on the top right.

For my opening spread, I decided I wanted to share my intentions for the year. In January I doodled up a list of things I want to do and ways I want to live my life this year and I thought there was no better place to keep those intentions than in my binder. Originally, I had put my doodle in the book, but I didn't like how that turned out, so I grabbed some journaling cards for a do-over. I'm happy with the result and I hope that having my intentions in my book will keep me true to them all year long. The other side of the spread is the beginning of 2014. It talks about my goal to stay sober for 30 days and our New Year's Eve repeat party.

I have completed spreads up to the end of January and am getting ready to send in my order for February so I can get cracking on those spreads. I'll be sure to share some more in the near future, so you can see how everything is shaping up in 2014.

How's your binder coming along?


  1. Ahh, looks awesome! It also looks like someone picked up a Studio Calico PL kit subscription... ;) Love the woodgrain with the minty dusty green!!