Friday, February 7, 2014

RIP Mr. Saw-Whet

When we arrived at work on Wednesday, we were met with a sad surprise: a dead Northern saw-whet owl outside our office door. Living in a national park, we knew we shouldn't just "dispose" of it, so instead we put him in a little box and I carted him over to my friend Elliot, who works for Parks Canada. After a quick flip through a bird book, he guessed that it was a pygmy and later confirmed it with a wildlife specialist.

Because Mr. Saw-Whet is in such good shape, Parks is now going to mount him for use in its interpretive programs. As Elliot said, I guess all isn't lost.


  1. oh so sad, what a beautiful owl :(

  2. Such a beautiful bird, his legend lives on...

  3. Oh that poor little thing! I'm glad the this little owl will get to help out the park. I think I would have cried my little eyes out if I happened upon that little guy.

    Becca | Ladyface Blog