Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Treat yo'self to Lego

On Feb. 7, for no apparent reason, Ian declared it "Treat Yo'Self Day." To start it off, he texted me while I was at work and asked if I would join him for lunch and a trip to the toy store to purchase Lego, and, of course, I said "HECK YES!" (Lego and deli sandwiches equal a very happy Nicole.) So, off we went. We ate our favourite sandwiches and then perused the Lego, debating back and forth over which kits to buy. Being the mountain adventurer that I am, I chose the Mountain Cabin Creator kit, while Ian picked one from the Lego movie. The day continued on with many more treats, including some new records from the secondhand shop in town and a delicious meal at one of my favourite restaurants in town. Oh! And it was also my second night of drinking since my 30-day sobriety. Yup, lots and lots of wonderful treats.

Because my life is so nutty busy, it wasn't until two days later that Ian and I sat down and Lego-ed it up. We spent the entire afternoon together, hanging out in the living room, listening to our new records and building our kits. I know this will sound crazy, but, this was my first ever kit. We had a boatload of Lego growing up, but we never received kits, so I have never built something from an instruction book. I gotta say, it was awesome! And I'm super stoked with my cabin, which, by the way, has an awesome fireplace and steer head mantlepiece.

Have you ever declared Treat Yo'Self Day? If not, I highly recommend it. And I definitely recommend you include Lego. It's the bomb!


  1. Yessss! Treat Yo'Self Days are the best, especially if they include Legos!!! Have you guys seen the Lego movie? It's pretty darn amazing, so much amazing Legoness! Glad you guys had a great time building away.

  2. You are amazing. I would write more, but I want to get out of work early...I mean on time today!

  3. So many Legos. I dub thee...Legolas.

    This is so nostalgic. There was nothing better as a kid than going to the toy store and picking out either a Lego or a Playmobile special - which was a treat yo'self day on a ten-year-old's budget. Doing this as an adult is an awesome idea! :-)

  4. Oh man I miss Lego! Must buy new kits...
    Treat yo-self days are great. I try to have one once a month, even if it's just a simple 5$ worth of candy at Dollarama. Especially if it's something cool online I shouldn't buy but do anyway. :P