Thursday, February 6, 2014

What to Wear: on Valentine's Day

Who cares what I'm wearing, check out my date's outfit—now that's something to talk about!

It's downright chilly here in Jasper. No exaggerating, it's the kind of cold that freezes your nostril hair—or, in the case of my date, causes your genitalia to disappear.

With these freezing temperatures rolling in, chances are I'll be spending Valentine's Day in a parka of some sort. This one is particularly lovely. I bought it at the church thrift shop in Jasper for $5—despite the fact that it's probably worth a couple hundred or more. It's made out of felt and has a fox fur hood. On days when the temperature dips below -30 C, I find myself reaching for this little beauty, along with a thick scarf and a crocheted headband to protect me from the cold.

Ian and I aren't into Valentine's Day—I won't bore you with the details, as I'm sure you've heard all the reasons before—so we're not planning an extravagant date or event to mark the occassion. BUT, I do have something amazing to look forward to that day.

I'll be spending it in the backcountry on the back of a snowmobile!!! The adventure is for both work and play and I CANNOT WAIT. I'll probably trade in the above parka for my Canada Goose to make sure I'm fully equipped for a day out in the elements. But, either way, I'll be wearing the same Sorel boots, with the addition of some Smart Wool socks, three layers of tights and a pair of snow pants.

Well, that's what I'll be wearing on Valentine's Day. Do you know what you'll be wearing? Why not link up with us, so we can check out your V-Day outfit? If you can't make it this time, join us Feb. 20 for What to Wear: pop of colour. See you then!

What's your Valentine's Day plan?


  1. Love the coat, what a steal! And your date looks about as lively as mine haha

  2. That coat is absolutely gorgeous. Also the pattern on those shoes looks ridiculously awesome--have you posted about them before? They're pretty bomb. Enjoy your adventure!

  3. Um I'm never going to be able handle winter "for realsies". DC has been in the teens for what seems like forever, but -30?! No. Just no.

    In other news, your coat is very spiffy - and I love the hood!

  4. Hubba, hubba check out your date :) Oh man hearing about how cold it is in other places makes me pretty darn happy to be in AZ right now haha. Will and I are pretty much the same way when it comes to Valentine's Day, it's pretty much just like any other day for us. And I am super excited to see your pictures from your day of snowmobiling!! That sounds like so much fun!!

  5. Ah! I almost forgot about the link-up!

    Chuckling greatly at your post. Snowmobiling sounds so exciting! We have major cabin fever because we're scared of the cold here in North Carolina. :-P

  6. Oh man, your posts are always so funny :) This is a great photo! I'm with you- we don't celebrate it either, but I can never refuse thematic dressing! I'm posting so late today- this dang working full time is really cutting into blog time!

  7. so funny, poor men in the cold... ha. i love those boots & that big cozy sweater, although i dont think i could handle a snow mobile trip w/ that weather no matter how many layers. The desert has ruined me for any sort of snow fun.